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Jacksonville Arts & Music School


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May 15-16, 2024  |  The WJCT Soundstage

Directed by Maxie Coleman


"Dear Harlem, A Letter from Lavilla" is a captivating musical journey through the vibrant history of Jacksonville's Lavilla Neighborhood post the Great Fire of 1901. Follow 17-year-old singer-songwriter Harlem Baker as she discovers her hometown's rich heritage alongside her great-grandmother. Set in 1905, Lavilla pulses with life, particularly on Ashley Street, where music and dance scenes abound. With a soul-stirring score spanning jazz, gospel, and blues, the production celebrates Lavilla's resilience and creativity, offering a testament to its contributions to the Harlem Renaissance and American history. Join us for the premiere at WJCT Studios as part of the Jacksonville Art and Music School's Creative Liberty Celebration.

Jason Peoples, VP & Executive Director, JAMS

“Dear Harlem A Letter From LaVilla is the embodiment of everything JAMS is to our community, past, present, and future."

Maxie Coleman, Creative Director, JAMS

"The essence of “Dear Harlem” lies in its vibrant portrayal of Lavilla's resilience and cultural richness, offering a captivating journey through the heartbeat of a community that contributed to the  groundwork for Harlem's iconic legacy."

Niveah Glover, Student

“We've been waiting for something like this
for years! I'm glad I get to experience the
show as a JAMS student before heading to college.”



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